kanye-west-wants-this-photo-removed-from-the-internet-so-share-it-around Kanye West Wants This Photo Removed From the Internet, so Share it Around

i-kind-of-like-it-when-they-hit-me I kind of like it when they hit me

Kanye on Kanye, Kanye West making out with himself

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clearly-shes-a-terrorist Clearly, she's a terrorist

50-most-popular-women 50 Most Popular Women

morristown Morristown

the-world-is-tiny the world is tiny

auto-flush Auto Flush

Clearly, she's a terrorist. Tits? Terrorist! Clearly.

1. Go on google and type "50 Most Popular Women." 2. Click on the first link. 3. Check out #7.

Moves to Morristown. Is allergic to frozen yogurt.

don't mess with tiny hippo's tiny train. OR ELSE.

Dear automatic flushing toilet, I appreciate the enthusiasm...but I wasn't finished.