kanye-west-wants-this-photo-removed-from-the-internet-so-share-it-around Kanye West Wants This Photo Removed From the Internet, so Share it Around

i-kind-of-like-it-when-they-hit-me I kind of like it when they hit me

like-a-boss-mozart Like a boss, Mozart

this-is-the-shower-i-live-with This is the shower I live with

programming-in-a-new-language Programming in a new language

Kanye on Kanye, Kanye West making out with himself

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clearly-shes-a-terrorist Clearly, she's a terrorist

50-most-popular-women 50 Most Popular Women

the-world-is-tiny the world is tiny

morristown Morristown

auto-flush Auto Flush

Clearly, she's a terrorist. Tits? Terrorist! Clearly.

1. Go on google and type "50 Most Popular Women." 2. Click on the first link. 3. Check out #7.

don't mess with tiny hippo's tiny train. OR ELSE.

Moves to Morristown. Is allergic to frozen yogurt.

Dear automatic flushing toilet, I appreciate the enthusiasm...but I wasn't finished.


We've come to speak to the most intelligent organisms on the planet... I'm flattered that- Zap lazer gun. Feline overlords, how did you enslave this planet? Aliens

that moment when you're so tired trying to stay awake in class, but when you try to sleep at home, you can't